The executor of the World Cup project “Cold Conquerors” is the LLC “Cold Conquerors”, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


Project Creator
Vyacheslav G. Ipatiev

Project Creator
Vyacheslav G. Ipatiev
Place of Birth Yakutsk, 1957
Education Faculty of Geography, Leningrad University, 1986
Vyacheslav G. Ipatiev has passed several education courses in the United States and Japan
Experience 30 years of experience in local tourism
In 1989 founded the first private tourist company EEA Yakutia
Creator and developer of such tours as ‘Nomad routes of Yakutia’, ‘Mammoth Hunter’, ‘Yakutian Aurora Borealis’, ‘Expedition to the Pole of Cold’, and the extreme expedition ‘Cold Hunter’.
Creator of the famous tourist project “Kingdom of Permafrost” and the park “Northern Mosaic”.
Associations Academician of Russian National Academy of Tourism

The idea to organize an expedition to search for the lowest temperatures in the inhabited part of the Earth came to me about 19 years ago. In 1999, I invited a group of amateur German meteorologists to Oymyakon to visit the coldest village on earth and record the temperature. This group was the first of many commercial groups of tourists in Oymyakon. Five years later, in 2004, the same group of meteorologists, led by Reinhardt Wurzel, decided to once again complete its meteorological mission and catch the lowest temperature. After daily observations, a group of 5 people made an interesting discovery. Within a 2 kilometer radius of Oymyakon, the temperatures ranged from -48.8 C to –51.6 C.(watchhere:

Currently two settlements of Yakutia, Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, argue with each other about which is the coldest place in the world (outside of Antarctic). In Verkhoyansk, a temperature of -67.8°C was recorded in 1892, while at the Oymaykon meteorological station in Tomtor a temperature of -67.7°C was recorded in 1933. While on an expedition to Oymaykon in 1926, the geologist and academician Obruchev recorded in his diary that a temperature of −71.2°C might be possible in these locations. However, this temperature has never been officially recorded. Regardless both settlements, Verkhoyansk and Oymaykon, claim to be the coldest location with a temperature of -71.2°C. It turns out that in area of 1 million square kilometers only these two settlements, with areas of less than 6 kilometers, have set world records for minimum temperatures. What about other settlements in Yakutia where nobody has ever measured the minimum temperature? What if colder temperatures occur and are just waiting to be found? Among the hundreds of tourists that annually visit the coldest inhabited place on earth, will anyone be brave enough to attempt to seek the coldest temperature outside of Antarctica? These questions came to me long ago and gave me the idea of this project, “Cold Conquerors”. Fifteen years have passed since then, and the current leaders of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) understand the need to develop tourism and its importance for the local economy. So, with the support of the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), my plan has become a reality and is being transformed into a totally unique project, unconceived in the rest of the world. We are pleased to introduce our exciting project to you and we look forward to your adventure in the Sakha Republic.

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