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Georgy Tsypandin is a trauma surgeon and one of the most experienced and famous travellers of Yakutia.

Here is some of his travel experience:

1980 – Yakutsk-Oymyakon walking tour  (1000 km)

1996 – Italian IVECO trucks around the world expedition (3000 km)

1997 – Japanese dog sledding expedition from Lake Baikal to Chukotka (3500 km)

1998 – Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Yakutsk  motor run (2000 km)

2000 – reindeer team journey along the mountain system of Suntar Hayat (250 km)

2001 – International Mountaineering in the Chersky Range

2002 – ski trip to the top of Muus Khaya, the highest point in Yakutia

2004 – climbing Elbrus

2005 – climbing Pobeda peak, Buordachsky  massif

2007 – “Triangle of the Pole of Cold” expedition (3500 km)

2013 – Expedition of the Russian Geographical Society to Suntar-Hayata ridge (300 km)

2016 – the “Pole of Cold connects the oceans” Russian Geographical Society expedition (2800 km)

2017 – ski trip in the ridge of Sarychev

2017 – Russian Geographical Society expedition, the trail of Obruchev

German Arbugaev

A famous Yakutian traveler, owner of Yakut Laika animal shelter, businessman


The most significant of his travels are:


April 2004 – ascent of Muus Haya, the highest peak of Yakutia

March 2009 – “Beringia” dog sled race participation. Path length: 950 km. Location: Kamchatka

2013 – dog sled trip from Yukagir village to the northern edge of Kotelny Island dedicated to 110th birthday of A.V. Kolchak. Path length: 1600 km.

2015 – deep diving in the highest mountain lake in the world. Altitude: 5300m. Location: Tibet

2015 – catamaran boat trip along the coast of the Arctic Ocean from Tiksi to Chokurdah. Path length: 1300 km

2018 – catamaran boat travel from Providence Bay to Nom (Alaska)

August 2019 – catamaran boat travel from Achorage to Sitka (Alaska) as a part of the Baikal-Alaska expedition along the route of tavelers Georgy Shelekhov and Alexey Baranov. Path length: 800 km

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