The test – expedition 2020

Expedition members of the test expedition «COLD CONQUERORS- 2020»

Ilya Voskresensky – photographer, blogger,  #elivosk

Pavel Matveev-  photographer, blogger,  #pavelmatveev

Natalia Belyakova —  marketing professional in luxury tourism, ass. prof. Higher School of Economy, fellow of Institute of Place Management, TV-host and journalist, #nataliabelyakova.

Konstantin Chalabov – photographer, reporter for «Vokrug Sveta» («Around the World») magazine, News agency «Novosti»


Duration of the program is 13 days: from 11th of January till 23th of January 2020.

Including the expedition – 9 days, temperature measurements, getting in charge – 8 days.

Basic camps will be in Verkhojansk (Expedition 1) and Ojmyakon (Expedition № 2) districts, according to the enclosed map.


Membership of every expedition:

– 2 participants

– 1 inspector-guide of the Project

– 2 reindeer-team driver with sledding

In the basic camp there are 3 tents, insulated with reindeer fells and with stove heating.

1st tent is for accommodation of members of the expedition and the inspector of the Project

2nd tent is for reindeer–team drivers

3rd tent is for storage of food, equipment, electric generator and other loads.


In the basic camp a standard meteorological cabin for deep temperature measurements with the alcohol thermometer TM-9-2 and TM-2  will be fixed, according to the approved methods.  Temperature measurements are held at the same time for all participants of the Project.

A satellite antenna for Internet usage, exchange of information is also installed in the basic camp. Electricity for work and charging of necessary equipment is provided by the petrol electrogenerator in the camp.

Providing the safety of each participant is a necessary rule of the expedition.  Thats’why everyone  gets the satellite phone Iridium and the radio-station for connection with guides, warm national clothes of yakutian natives.    

Temperature measurements are held with the expeditional way by one of participants together with the inspector-guide. The two toghether with the reindeer-team driver with reindeer sledding, they are looking for areas in the radius of 10-15 km where lowest temperatures can accumulate. In these places temperature is measured by mobile digital thermometer (HotLiner TCN-10), with delivery of the new data to the staff of the project. After temperature measurements in new places participants come back to the basic camp and overnight there.

All camp activity – heating provision, cooking- are provided by guides and participants.

After 7 days living in the camp participants will be completely plunged in the reindeer herders’ life and due to the program «Survival school» will have following disciplines:

– gastronomic course (cooking dishes of national cuisine, presentation of his own national dish);

– making the simpliest souvenirs of reindeer fur, mined animals, trees, skin and beads;

– the school of the pathfinder (including installing and making of the simpliest catching devices, searching bird and animal traces, cutting of the mined wildfowl and animals, cooking dishes) ;

– the school of the reindeer-team driver and herder ( including the capture of reindeers, harnessing, harness control, sledding repair)

– the school of Plugue – worker ( including the arrangement of temporary accommodation (tent/igloo), woods preparation, making-up fire, ice and drinking water preparation, cooking, cleaning-up the camp and tents)

This education will be held according to the elaborated teaching book and to the system of workshops from guides and instructors. Lessons will be every day during the day and dark light according to the advanced developed plan. After coursec participants must pass exams and get the certificate Survival School «Cold Conquerors» with collected points to determine the winner.       

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